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Celebrating Checkmat Charlotte's Outstanding Contribution to Tap Cancer Out

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Celebrating Checkmat Charlotte's Outstanding Contribution to Tap Cancer Out


As the Tap Cancer Out tournament approaches tomorrow, our Checkmat Charlotte community has every reason to hold our heads high. This year, not only have we raised an impressive over $20,000 for cancer research, but we are also proud to field more than 52 competitors representing the best of Lake Wylie and Steel Creek areas in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

Tap Cancer Out has been a significant event in our annual calendar for the past five years, and Checkmat Charlotte has been at the forefront of this noble cause. Remarkably, we have topped the fundraising charts four out of those five years, a testament to the dedication and spirit of our students and their families.

Our community's commitment stretches beyond the mat. Situated in the heart of Lake Wylie and Steel Creek, Checkmat Charlotte is not just a martial arts school; it's a beacon of hope and strength. Our efforts in the Tap Cancer Out tournament reflect our broader mission to impact lives positively — both inside and outside the dojo.

As we gear up for tomorrow's event, it's essential to recognize the role each of you plays in this journey. From the smallest donations to the intensive training our competitors undergo, every effort counts and contributes to our collective success.

Let's take a moment to celebrate our achievements. With over $20,000 raised this year, Checkmat Charlotte continues to lead as a champion for change, proving that together, we can tackle any challenge — on the mat and in our communities across Lake Wylie and Steel Creek.

We invite all our friends, family, and supporters from South Carolina and North Carolina to join us in cheering for our competitors tomorrow. As you watch our fighters from Lake Wylie and Steel Creek give their all, remember that each match is more than just a contest; it's a fight against cancer.

Together, we are stronger. And together, we are making a difference. Let's continue to fight, to win, and to conquer — for everyone who can't.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Let's make this tournament another milestone in our ongoing journey to Tap Cancer Out.

For more details on our school and our efforts, please visit CheckmatCharlotte.com.


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