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First Time Competing with Checkmat Charlotte

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First Time Competing with Checkmat Charlotte

First Time BJJ Competition Guide at Checkmat Charlotte

Competing in Jiu Jitsu is a challenging but highly rewarding experience.  Read below to find a few tips and guidelines for how to prepare and conduct yourself on the big day!  Most of all, remember to breathe and have fun!


  • Make sure you are on weight and hydrated if possible
    • Newbreed, Grappling industries, TCO and NAGA allow a grace pound and you weigh in without the gi

    • IBJJF does not allow a grace pound and you weigh in the gi

    • All federations DQ if you miss weight (except TCO)

    • Plan ahead. If you think you may miss weight, you have options. Change your division or ask for help to cut weight safely

  • Make sure your gi fits properly and is not ripped or frayed (for IBJJF review uniform rules)

  • Pack everything the night before:

    • Gi and extra gi

    • Belt

    • No gi set

    • ID

    • Mouthguard

    • Warmup clothes (sweatpants, sweatshirt etc)

    • Checkmat shirt if you have one

    • Headphones

    • Phone charger

    • Plenty of water and easily digestible snacks (apple sauce, crackers, protein bars)

    • Personal hygiene items (ie. hairties, deodorant, hand sanitizer)

    • Change of clothes

Day Of

  • Eat breakfast if weight allows

  • Make sure basic hygiene considerations are taken care of before arriving

    • Nails are trimmed short

    • Open cuts are covered

    • Piercings are removed

    • No makeup or anything that could get on your opponent’s gi

  • Arrive at least 90 minutes before your first match

  • Match times change, refresh your bracket often

  • Make sure you are warmed up before getting on the mat. As a bare minimum, jumping jacks and squats, stretching

  • Do not get on the mats to compete without a coach.  Find Michael. If you can’t find Michael, find an upper belt.

    • Listen to your coach

    • Do not worry about the clock or how much time is left in the match

    • Do not willingly concede top position

  • You are representing Checkmat Charlotte. Conduct yourself with etiquette and respect

    • Wait for the ref to invite you on the mat

    • Bow on and off the mat

    • Wear shoes when off the mat

    • Shake hands with your opponent and their coach after the match

    • Do not talk back to refs

    • Do not talk trash to your opponent

  • Most importantly, have fun and try your hardest!

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