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Student of the Month April 2021

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Student of the Month April 2021

Student of the Month of April - Lynne Robinson

Its been a year since we did a Student of The Month. No better way to get back into the swing of things than a Blog interview. The student of the month for April is Lynne Robinson. Lynne has been training with us now for eight months to the day😍. Hope you enjoy the read. 

Hi. Please tell all of our readers your name. - Lynne Robinson

Awesome! Please tell us how old you are and your rank in bjj? - I am 53 years young and I am a white belt. 

Why did you Start bjj training - I wanted nothing to do with it. But my youngest son convinced me it would help me gain confidence, which was pretty low at the time.
That is a pretty interesting story to say the least. What is something about you that most would be surprised to know.  - I love being Davis and Brody's mom and there is nothing I can't cook from scratch. 

So cool. I’ve tasted your cooking and can attest to that Who is your favorite BJJ athlete? - Can't name one but I love all of our females at Checkmat Charlotte. I love being around them. They inspire me. Regina, Amanda, Jill, Ashley, Alicia, Amber, Megan and the group of white belt females have brought so much joy to my life. 

I know it is early but do you have any BJJ goals you are looking to accomplish? To win a major tournament one day and to earn a black belt before I die. Also, I would like to get more older women involved.


Speaking of that, As an older jiu jitsu competitor and practitioner, what advice would you give to others your age? Maybe the ones who are unsure about starting jiu jitsu? - It is an amazing journey that is totally your own. Everyone has their own pace. I wasn't one of those who jumped into rolling immediately. It scared the daylights out of me. All I could see was getting carted off in an ambulance. But slowly I started rolling and putting concepts together in my head. The mental aspect is not only overcoming fear that you can do it, but also learning the concepts/techniques. I am constantly visualizing moves trying to remember how to execute things. Physically speaking, there is not a workout that compares. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life right now. There is no downside to starting and participating at whatever level you are comfortable with...and you'll make some great friends in the process. 

 This has been really awesome and inspiring. Looking forward to watching you grow on the mats. Thank you for your time Lynne.




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Good luck this weekend at Newbreed Raleigh, Mckenzie lee and Troy Hunt!