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Jiu Jitsu Student of The Month for October 2019

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Jiu Jitsu Student of The Month for October 2019

Jiu Jitsu Student of The Month For October

Every month at Checkmat Charlotte we will be featuring one of our students here on our blog as The Jiu Jitsu Student of The Month. For the month of October, the winner was Megan Melber. Megan has been with us for two years, is currently a blue belt and a assistant instructor in our Power Pawns kids program. We awarded Megan last night with this honor and she gladly accepted her prize of mini Snickers (her favorite candy). Afterwards, we sat down with Megan to get an idea of who she is and her journey in Jiu Jitsu. Enjoy the article and don't forget to check in for specials at Checkmat Charlotte.


1- What is your name and how old are you?

            My name is Megan Melber and I am 34 years old!

2-Where are you originally from? 

            I'm a military kid, so I can't really claim one place in particular. I lived in Tennessee for the longest period so far in my life. 

3- What brought you to BJJ and Checkmat Charlotte? 

      Our wiggly, then 4-year-old son! He had so much energy and we wanted help him harness that for good! We were looking into gymnastics, wrestling, or tumbling and they all wanted kiddos starting at the age of 5. Happenstance lead me to the park one day at our apartment complex and I ran into a momma whose husband trained BJJ under Professor Allen at Checkmat. She mentioned briefly that his kids program started at the age of 4 so we decided to give it a shot. Our son made it through the eval and even decided to tell Professor what to do during it. Professor Allen came out laughing and said our little guy was perfect. He's been doing it now for 2 years (WOW!). 

      I jumped in with all the enthusiasm of a crazy person and soon realized it was legitimately complicated. I was out of shape and easily frustrated. I kept showing up and here I am now, almost 40 lbs lighter with a better outlook on life! Plus, it's pretty cool to defend random little boy attacks while cooking dinner that somehow turn into a small BJJ lesson for both of us! :) 

4-What is your favorite color for a gi? 

         OLIVE GREEN. Side note: I don't even own this color. I just look at it online with starry eyes and hope one day I'll buy one. 

5- If you could be one animal, what would it be?

         I've been called many, but I'll claim a giraffe for now! I'll get these limbs in order so people can add majestic to that name. 

6- What is your favorite food before practice? 

         Honestly, I try not to eat much right before practice. I've always got a good protein bar in my bag for afterwards. I like the lemon luna bars the best!

7- Who is your favorite BJJ practitioner? 

         I've got a few ladies I follow: Ffion Davies, Raquel Canuto, and Karen Antunes 

8- In one word describe life at Checkmat Charlotte? 


9- What is the one thing you like best about being at Checkmat Charlotte? 

        I've always felt a sense of family from the gym. Within that web of people you have the space to move, grow, challenge, be challenged, and prosper

10- What advice would you give to a brand new student starting BJJ?

        Be ready to be uncomfortable in the best way. 

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